new Raphael Saadiq Album


Bild 43.pngto all of you still making love to the sounds of John Legend i have an important message: “Stop”.

Mr Soul himself is back – the man behind “instant vintage” – one of my all time favourite soul albums, and behind Lucy Pearl – which i still occasionally play, returns with an ode to 60ies soul. This is truly feelgood music, maybe not as deep as instant vintage but it is then again something entirely different.check his website, buy the album here:

I havent even found an import CD to order, this really sucks. You think somebody is gonna wait a couple of days or even weeks (US) for a CD to arrive. Took me 5 seconds online to find this:  its in low quality: Download the album “The Way I See It“, and go to his shows if he ever plays overseas, and make that money go straight into his pocket. The man’s a genius.