on thursday: Topfriend Special in Munich

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I’m fuckin in! On thursday we’ll have a little short term Topfriend Special at our favourite drinking spot – Cafe King. Everybody who joined us at our last Top Friend date at Cafe King knows that they have managed to install a decent dancefloor in the back with a new sound system and we are happy to offer you some off dates there every now and then. DJ duties are up to Schu who was hiding in the studio for the last months & your favourite neighbour NotFx. The next day will be a holiday + entry fee is only €4 so no need to argue! Join us on facebook.

Here is my favourite tune at present by UK’s De Tropix who belong to M.I.A. clout but you can tell that anyway. Check them on myspace.


De Tropix – Brap

btw the flyer features the great kenny powers, character from the hilarious show ‘Eastbound & Down’. Watch it online here.

btw2 Schu and me did a mix together back in november last year. Get it here