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This Thursday: TOP FRIEND Party w/ Nhan Solo & Schu

In unserer Serie “DJs aus Bayern im Berliner Exil kehren in die Heimat zurück” freuen wir uns an diesem vierten Donnerstag im März auf Mr. NHAN SOLO (Neighbourhood Management) der im Rahmen seiner WeSC Mini Tour einen Stop im grünen Keller-Club einlegt.
Zusammen mit ihm hinterm DJ Pult steht unser Münchner Resident TOP FRIEND und Lieblings-Blumentopf –Local Hero SCHU. Am Donnerstag gibt es Freikarten für alle FRIENDs im WeSC Store München.

Zu einem einem leuchtenden Dancefloor, feierbarer, Cross-Genre elektronischer Tanzmusik, Sweets und FRIENDly-Wodka laden die TOP FRIENDs: RSVP

Listen to:


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This Thursday TOP FRIEND Party with Ben Mono & Not.Fx

Nach langer Zeit und gerade rechtzeitig zum Vor-Frühling kehrt unser Freund Ben Mono (Compost Records) aus dem Berliner Exil heim in den grünen Club im Keller und bringt zusammen mit All-Time TOP FRIEND Not.Fx den Dancefloor zum leuchten und die Beine zum tanzen. Freuen wir uns auf literweise russische Apfelschorle, feierbare Cross-Genre elektronische Tanzmusik, Party-Keller Get Together und TOP FRIEND SOUND.

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Auf einen gemeinsamen Welcome-Wodka an der Kasse freuen sich Hannah, Paul, Thomas, Ömmi und Dani O.

Listen to: Zort Mambo Poa (Ben Mono Remix)

PS: Nächstes TF Date ist der 25. März – WeSC presents Nhan Solo & Schu

Top Friend Mixtapes by Epik Sounds & Pasha Fookin

To prompt the new location of Top Friend Moscow, our friends from Russia, Epik Sounds & Pasha Fookin produced two nice promo mixtapes for all of you.
Listen to them and get prepared for the upcoming Top Friend parties all over Europe!

Top Friend Promo Mix by Epik Sounds

Epik Sounds
Top Friend promo mix:

1. War – Low Rider (DJ Kue Remix)
2. Top Billin – Playboy Anthem
3. Fake Blood – The Dozens
4. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 – Wine Har Rump
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
6. DJ Rob 3 – Xplosion
7. Riva Starr – I Was Drunk
8. Fake Blood – I Think I Like It
9. So Shifty – Nowhere To Run To
10. Emynd – What About Tomorrow


Top Friend Promo Mix by Pasha Fookin

Pasha Fookin
Top Friends promo mix:

1. Daniel Haaksman -Pobum Coco
2. MJ Cole feat. Serocee – AO (Zed Bias Wind Up Mix)
3. DJ Eleven – Anson Danza
4. The Party Squad – Pull Up
5. Cookin’ Soul – Pon De Gossip
6. DJ LoKey – Get With This (Get Busy)
7. Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)
8. The Party Squad – Murderer

YUM YUM Munich this Friday, June 5th @ Registratur. Big One + new YUM YUM Mix Cds are here!

We ve got a new one coming up – finally after 5 weeks the wait is over. YUM YUM will take place this Friday @ Registratur with Djs Chrome, Tand Williams and the now steady Top Friend Area with Norbert Schiegl & Raph on dj duties. A new YUM YUM Mixtape (Vol. 9) will be passed out (actually 2 new mixtapes – be in for a surprise as what the 2nd one will be) so make sure to show up early and come by for another massive night that i myself am itching for. Gonna be huge – so do not forget to sign up to our YUM YUM Munich group on Facebook and to join this YUM YUM night or party on Fb.

Ps go and vote for our monthly YUM YUM top tunes right >>> here!! enjoy!

more Ps +++YUM YUM Sommerfest coming up next week+++


Iwayne – cant-satisfy-her-dreadsquad-blend

on thursday: Topfriend Special in Munich

I’m fuckin in! On thursday we’ll have a little short term Topfriend Special at our favourite drinking spot – Cafe King. Everybody who joined us at our last Top Friend date at Cafe King knows that they have managed to install a decent dancefloor in the back with a new sound system and we are happy to offer you some off dates there every now and then. DJ duties are up to Schu who was hiding in the studio for the last months & your favourite neighbour NotFx. The next day will be a holiday + entry fee is only €4 so no need to argue! Join us on facebook.

Here is my favourite tune at present by UK’s De Tropix who belong to M.I.A. clout but you can tell that anyway. Check them on myspace.


De Tropix – Brap

btw the flyer features the great kenny powers, character from the hilarious show ‘Eastbound & Down’. Watch it online here.

btw2 Schu and me did a mix together back in november last year. Get it here