After scoring the two No 1 singles of last summer i guess Pharrell doesn’t have to stay up all night to get lucky. He’s back with even more presence than in his ‘previous’ prime and his solo tune Happy, which came out months ago, didn’t have that much pull and was featured in a unfitting movie – no matter if it was a ‘fun movie’ or not. Most of the times remixes are simply not necessary and after being so tired of mashups and remixes myself you can call this an Upgrade for Djs – who dare to step out of the 120-130bpm game. Had to do an upgrade to add some punch, percussion, drums, vocoder and a proper Funk bassline so we can play it out in the clubs, and i flipped and shortened the arrangement a bit. Consider me a long time fan of Pharrell and his sometimes strange tonalities that make his tunes so much more funky.  Anyways… Salute :)))

* From our new Mixtape YUM YUM Vol 14 & *Drums courtesy of Drum & Bass Legend Mr Peshay himself.