Pretty Lights – You get high


Pretty Lights latest offering is the real deal, as always, i honestly believe that this is what modern present day music should sound like, at least production wise – we can debate about arrangements and use of vocals and other personal preferences. PL has so far never disappointed, everythings dead on point and this tune is no different. Do yourself a favour and sign up for their newsletter, you get all the material that PL puts out for free, they (as the label) or he as PL simply don’t believe in music being sold anymore – yes the times they are a changing and everybody opposing that should get with the program and update their chronometer to at least 2005 and clean their reality goggles. Enjoy this tune and if you haven’t got a hold of their old material or are unfamiliar with them, at least in europe the names not that much household outside the deep rooted scenes, go over to their website and keep yourself busy for a few hours with all of PLs LPs, EPs, Remixes and single Tunes. Great music to match PLs great chnronistic attitude. Pure Zeitgeist


Pretty Lights – You Get High

ps here is another PL tune from last summer that i remeber playing quite often


Pretty Lights vs Summertime