PSA: Happy free fallin into 2009 & YUM YUM munich Fri Jan, 2nd & topfriend @ Erste Liga Mon 5th..


We are gonna free fall into 09. Have a great one, all of you and then some… Happy new year everyone and all the best for you… Big tings a gwan for next year… hugs, kisses, greetings and the best of wishes from all of us – all the YUM YUM peoples: Chrome, Melanie, Not:fx, Tand, Nina, Dan Brooklyn, Showi, Palina, Andre, Katha, Schu, Stevie Mac, Kamikaze, labelfu%$a Chris, Pasha & Gatek, Seb, Jana, Wax Wreckaz, Beware, Ben Mono, Passion, Vero, Alice, Alexa, Emynd, Max, Norbert, Jane & everyone else i forgot…

Dates to look out for this week: NYE – everywhere -Friday we have our first and only YUM YUM in munich for January. YUM YUM taking off for Shanghai, the UK, Austria and some more in Russia – starting february.  On Monday the 5th we have our 1st official Top Friend night @ Erste Liga with Chrome & Hubi, so be there and don’t miss out on some serious action_packed new ravaging musical material. More on new dates – next monday. See you back next week and make sure to check back with us for all the promised stuff that’s way too late – as ususal.. love never ends.

so happy free falling into 2009 – Woo-haa. it’s gonna be huge…


free fallin (live)

Ps Bush is over… there is hope… always