“Deep in my heart I know everything is going to be alright.”
– Raury

raury chromemusic

I just heard the song and felt in love immediately. Especially with the lyrics. Raury imagines a better future for his own son someday. “I hope my son dreams to be mountains” and “I hope he never becomes a hashtag” and “I hope he knows it’s OK to love” are just some of the more than truthful phrases he tells us by the end of the song. Really seems like Raury’s heart is at the right place. Check out his Indigo Child Project. I am always thrilled to bits when it comes to interactive websites (though this is a bit confusing and reeeally slow). Don’t miss the 4 min documentary, I really appreciate Raurys thoughts about our world. And my new Indigo Child name is Chark Know. What’s yours?

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