Scala Berlin pics #1 – !real pictures online tomorrow


Okay, so this is the first and very quickly roundup of pictures straight from Ben Monos iphone. The REAL gallery will be online tomorrow and i KNOW its a shame!!! Since we cant have our pictures online the next day –  always takes us ages – in 2008!!! I’ll start posting my own crappy pics. Anyways – the full roundup of what was going down @ Scala Berlin last saturday will be posted this week – all i can say was that i loved it – plenty of people turned up and Gabriel who was playing the 2nd area said it was the best thing he had seen happen @ Scala. And even my man Connie, running the spot was like “Whens the next one?”. Ps thx for the unlimited Jaeger supply. We will get there soundwise, but it was definitely a great party and a leap in the right direction and both Schowi and Ben Mono are Pros at what they do. More than exporting a party, YUM YUM is Berlins very own venue with their interpretation and sound. Strongest tune of the night i recall (was a couple ones) was Rob Threezy The Chase. I remember it had me on the floor acting up a fool.



Ps only pictures of us and the crew. Pictures of the crowd coming as soona as Andy sorts out his cam. The fella with the man rec tee was Amazing Clay who did a nice live – mpc- baile performance that night.