Beatmaker extraordinaire Sepalot has a new release lined up taa-day and it’s actually a shame that his name doesn’t get dropped more often, considering how well made and how thoroughly hand crafted his beats truly are. This man should be among the top beatmakers circling the webs these days, with the likes of Flume, Ta-Ku, 20Syl and Onra and other prominent beatmakers at an all time high in followers and supporters interested in beatmaking, Sep should be at the front end of things beatmaking europewise. But i think we are getting there with a new plan to take on more relevant remixes to get his name more out to the crowd that his music is definitely destined for and with a plan to release a proper new tune every 2 months. Well you could say there are people dropping tunes every week, like Kaytranada did in the beginning, where he did “ye ole’ like me to free download a remix of someone already famous” thing to get your follower count up. But that argument is straight up nonsense – assuming you have ears. Remember quality control? Yep, that’s that thing that always succeeds in the long run.
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