short recap of last YUM YUM Munich, Saturday 10th – things good and bad


First let me say this: WE have NOT MOVED to Kongresshalle. We are just having two dates at that spot, since Registratur is throwing their KONGRESS nights there – but only every now and then – GET IT?

The last Saturday was a nice dance and loads of people turned up as you can see from the pictures, but i am and always will be straight forward when it comes to saying how i/we feel about certain things.

A lotta things were in no way YUM YUM. let me list them down: a.) the lights were too “big room disco” for us. b.) no second room/ top friend area – for a solid 10€ is not fair. c.) it was too nice – big room fix again. d.) we dj’s were playing down “on” the people – from some throne-like stand. Again, not cool, not YUM YUM like and certainly something for big-headed superstars. e.) One of the most important things – we started to late. The band started way too late which pushed everything backwards. I know you hiked to the spot just to be kept waiting and take away from our playtime – which our people payed for – not fair again! Which ended in the dj’s being pissed of, having to pick up from where the live show left em. Which resulted in similar sets, since everyone was going for the sureshots.

We will do a second date @ Kongress – BUT – ONLY if these things are FIXED. We have discussed these matters with Registratur already.

I know often at times i am too critical of everything, including myself, but thats the way it is – and there’s no progress if you only point out the good things. It was an amazing dance – An incredible mass of people turned up – one week after the Oktoberfest – and one day after Boyz Noize – and they had a BALL!! The location is real nice, IF its done nice.


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Enjoy this YUM YUM all time favourite:


Patti Jo –  Ain_t No Love Lost