shuffle mode says



1. Passion Pits just about everywhere right now, and this tune here is in my ipod constantly.


passion pit-little-secrets

2. i found this Pince Zimboo gem on the mad decent blog some weeks ago. i still think its funny as hell.


prince zimboo-lightswitch-mix

3. Weekend Warriors,somehow cheesy, no i mean really cheesy, they even sing about how rock ‘n roll and electro they are but heck i guess its another summer tune. under better weather conditions the rules are different.



4. Change get the reggae treatment. Found over at RCRDLBL in the D Merriweather Rmx contest. Even though i am pretty much ÜBERTIRED of the original this mix is another fine summer tune.



5. Seeed 2.0 gets the electronic rmx treatment by don diablo and is now Seeed 3.0. The original is one of my favourite songs in this past decade. No rmx can even come close – but still nice flavour for another set in another club.


Roots “the-seed-3.0″ (don diablo)