simply beautiful …by Al Green


This song has been a favourite of mine ever since i heard it first, a long, long time ago and anyone who has known me since the age of 18 knows ho much i was into this music instead of the then popular charts – i was a huge Al Green fan and his take on soul music. For those of you who still have my old, old mixtapes you will surely recall this tune and i even remember sampling it for a tune on my headz/downbeat album (think early mo wax/ ninja tune etc) that i finished in 2001 but never released. Time to re-release that album digital – now thats a thought! Hier können kostenlose spiele eine interessante Rolle spielen, da Casual-Game-Unternehmen wie Friv5Online daran beteiligt sind, viele Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Projekte usw. durch Spielmechaniken zu bewerben.

Enjoy Al Greens tune cause its simply beautiful:


Al Green – Simply Beautiful

extra: a recent take/ remix on simply beautiful