“Turn your face towards the sun
and the shadows will fall behind you.”

Maori Proverb


I have absolutely no idea where this song comes from. I always feel genius if I bookmark something in my browser thinking i’m saving it for later…and then it always gets lost in th endless depths of my complety unsorted mac. Mostly annoying but sometimes (heeey) I can surprise myself because of that mess. So, I just heard this song early in the morning, hands around my tea pot, looking out of the window and appreciating the first notions of spring. The sunbeams are warming up my bed and are letting the shadows dance on the floor. Haven’t seen that for a while… And while the birds outside already sing their own songs, this delicate female voice tells me something about sunbirds, the sun that burst a ray through those clouds and that the upcoming winter is coming too fast every time. Oh you can’t imagine how much I agree with her in this moment.

I couldn’t really find out more about the artists. There is just this YouTube video and it seems like everybody is searching for this song/lyrics/singer. Probably it’s just not that important to research, find out and know everything…