Let me introduce you to a new segment – Artist Top Tunes. We’ll have artists we like presenting their very own Top Tunes. It may be their current favourites or maybe some motto playlist. Here’s where we feature their selections in a fine handpicked playlist! Anyways welcome to # 1!

The first one is about LCAW, this young kid from my hometown, has been a favourite of ours here, not for his unprecedented production skills, not for his charms or anything like that. He just selects the right songs to edit, plus adds a little magic and there you go. And i am a full on supporter of that production approach when it serves the quality of the music – And IT DOES!

You have may have heard his Daughter remix on my latest mixtape as the final song, or read this post about another Daughter Edit of his.  So i asked him to put together a playlist of his current favourites, since i have faith in his taste and honestly… the guy delivered! 5 of my own current favourites are on here as well! So here you go! Enjoy his fine selected current Top Tunes selection! Artist Top Tunes # 1. Hipsters, push play and meet your maker!

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PS A Short Observation On Hipsters By, As Usually Brilliant, Jerry Seinfeld