Last years surprise band, Lumineers is hard to post about when they already reached top ten stardom in the states but this little rework gives me an alibi to do so. The above picture fits the songs lyrics very well when all these bodily and mental reactions happening to outside actions are mind made and are ultimately a time bound trip to suffering. So to listen to your heart and to look inside means something completly different than what the preconditioned mind, with its selfish romatic ideas, makes it out to be. It is quite the opposite and much more. There is no way you can wrap your head around it. To listen to your heart, you have to understand or rather be in tune with the flow of things. Life can only unfold and the world can only be created when there is a no resistence, disguised as whatever it presents itself at times, and when there is stillness of mind – which is acceptance. And that my dear friends – includes the death of the idea of romance as we know it. Conditional Love is an outside guided resistence to what is. Cut this illusion and you are getting closer to what Carl Gustav Jung meant by “Listen to your heart”.

So what does this have to do with this song? Its a beautiful one and i enjoy it very much, even in this reworked version, but “its better to feel pain than nothing at all” is an unspoken mantra in the life of so many people that i know – all the ones dreaming and sleeping, one that i have experienced myself. It sums up the fear of looking inside and confronting one own self with what is. Its the death and end of content and its many storied which we think is the sum of ourselves – so ultimately our own death and the illusion we hold so dearly to be the “i” the “me”. But we are not “that” we are much more than that. Each one of us. It can only be experienced and not said. Acceptance is the way of the universe

By understanding this above saying with your mind & your idea of heart/romance you are “looking outside and dreaming”.