Them Belly full (but we hungry) – Bob Marley


My music, how have you changed… and how you are changing … the musical formula of praising money, making it your god and giving you the warming illusion of being rich, famous, popular and thus selling you status, instead of uplifting, healing & inspiring music, is becoming obsolete. The purely materialistic mindstate at the end of the industrial age is coming to an halt and is consuming its own self as you can see by our doomed economic systems. Of course you will always have the guy who rather stays asleep in the belly of the beast, giving in to illusion and enjoying his steak inside the matrix, but there is a silent change going on right now and everyone can feel it – but words do not suffice to describe it. Remember that for every soul living like a king on earth someone else has to suffer. Them belly full


Bob Marley – Them Belly Full (but we hungry)