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Bob Marley – Redemption Song (Cover) [Koni Bootleg]

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”

Koni is back with an astonishing strong bootleg. This time he took Michell Brunings’ beautiful cover version of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. We already featured Koni’s stunning Hey Ya remix on CM and we’re really looking forward for more to come. Makes me wanna go to the beach to sip on a fresh coconut while lying in the sand.

Free Download bit.ly/1EXhuiE

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A little monday roundup for djs

Kicking it off with RACs impeccable version of “Could you be loved”. I didn’t think you could redo this tune in any way for me to appreciate it even a little anymore. This one proved me wrong. Great rework.

While we are at it, another one by RAC. This is one’s coming out July 9th on Verve Rec and its a beast of a tune that i listend to quite often this weekend. I guess there’s no way this version won’t find its ways into my sets. It manages to live up to the original and that is important when you are dealing with real class. Great one, RAC.

The next one’s a new TWRK’rrr tune that we have split opinions on. Sounds solid and will definitely work on the floors, but the rest of the guys say it’s a bit of a downer compared to their other tunes. Well i don’t think so, but make up your own mind.

This next one is a bit overly mellow but it has the right kind of vibe in my view and is a good choice for the early hours.

A new one by Kaytranada, that i didn’t mean to keep from you. He got his trademark sound now, i guess and should probably make a Janet album at this point.

Cyril Hahn delivers as well, that chill summer vibe written all over it, but somehow differs from his previous efforts and has a lot more of that gypsy R&B flavour. Its definitly not the vocals that carry this one. But i guess you’ll hear it a lot this summer.

Them Belly full (but we hungry) – Bob Marley

My music, how have you changed… and how you are changing … the musical formula of praising money, making it your god and giving you the warming illusion of being rich, famous, popular and thus selling you status, instead of uplifting, healing & inspiring music, is becoming obsolete. The purely materialistic mindstate at the end of the industrial age is coming to an halt and is consuming its own self as you can see by our doomed economic systems. Of course you will always have the guy who rather stays asleep in the belly of the beast, giving in to illusion and enjoying his steak inside the matrix, but there is a silent change going on right now and everyone can feel it – but words do not suffice to describe it. Remember that for every soul living like a king on earth someone else has to suffer. Them belly full


Bob Marley – Them Belly Full (but we hungry)