An Introduction To SOHN.

Damn Sohn, Where Did You Find This One?

…ever since i heard “The Wheel” somewhen around last spring i was hooked and if you like your music atmospheric, moody, mostly dark, with cutting edge production and the Zeigeist feel of today and the spacey tenderness of James Blake… Congrats! You have just reached the next evolutionary level. Enter SOHN who popped up out of nowhere – at least on my radar – and ever since has proven himself to be a very reliable source for quality music with a distinctive feel to it. The texture’s mostly organic, even though he labels his work as electronic, and the feelings transported sound like the combined feel of the modern day singer songwriters. Very ambient based with hints of beatmaking and the sheer reduction of dominant elements. Man must be smoking some good herb. Ask him where he got it from on his : Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Website : and ESPECIALLY his YOUtUBE channel