This new tune by the Broken Bells could have easily been released in the 80ies. It’s that strong of an anthem(ic) pop tune. Broken bells deliver each and every time and they know how to sprinkle the most diverse of magic powders with their music. I can’t get enough of this 80ies vibe ;) . This could have been in the remastered version of Rocky III, shortly before Eye Of The Tiger starts, right before Rocco gets on his bike and rides through the night streets of Philadelphia. Or it would have been a strong addition to the already incredible Drive OST.

My 80ies mind is going into hypermode! I can literally see the 80ies video to this song with Kelly LeBrock and Don Johnson driving through Miami’s neon lit roads at nightt, in an alternate timeline where Weird Science met Miami Vice. Ps is that a Theremin i hear at the start of the song? Man, i love this tune! This Broken Bells song will send you through space and time, so hold on to your life!

Broken Bells – Holding On For Life by The Vinyl District


Their new album’s due on feb/4th and here’s another track called “After The Disco” as a free download via itunes. One more track from their upcoming album: “Changing Lights” performed live in a parisian piano store. The Broken Bells : Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Website