“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.”

— Oscar Wilde

for you chromemusic

So there is always this one person in life that characterizes you the most. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes you like it, sometimes you dont. There are times where you dont really need this person or you almost forget about the strong connection you both have, because you are standing on your own feet experiencing life just by yourself. Or maybe this person is just so present in your daily life that you are getting blind, to see all the small things this special person is doing for you all the time. Things like just being there for you, just listening to your stories. Always.
And then there are times where you really need this person. For everything. Because you got lost on your way through life. Because you made decisions with your heart without thinking and now your mind is not working anymore to get you out of there. You wish for a hand that takes you and guides you through it. And there is that hand… Always. Without expecting anything from you, without judging you for your brainless ideas. Because this person knows you so well, knows how to act if you dont. No matter what happened before, if its necessary to fight together, the two of you are standing side by side.

Well…this little playlist is for you. Because, I know that you actually love music,  although you are not paying attention to it a lot. “No time” is probably your excuse. So here is the music. Taking time is up to you now…maybe at home on your yoga mat ;)