YUM YUM 05.05.2006


Last Fridays YUM YUM . Well not too much i can say about it cause i simply wasn’t there, but i am convinced and from what i heard the dj’s: Jay Scarlett and Schu, who came in last minute as my substitute, did a great job and were totally living up to the spirit of YUM YUM . Well thanks to both of them – they are both part of the family. Nonetheless i’ll be back on track latest at the next one on May 19th with this selection.
So until then: Enjoy
the YUM YUM Top Tune Selection for May 2006 1.  Kanye-Forniaâ€? Kanye West vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers
(an all new YUM YUM Version and favourite)
2.  Tricks & Grapevines Marvin Gaye – Kelis Edit
3.  What’s my name?  DJ Earworm mash/edit – a mad tune!!!
4.  Crazy  Gnarls Barkley simply everywhere
5.  New York Sh§ Busta & Dj Scratch – killer Instrumental
6.  Ganja Farmer  Still the No.1 Roots tune around the world