YUM YUM NRW Feb 18th @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW Feb 18thOur big premiere is coming up on the 3rd Saturday of February. Djs are Chrome and Tand Williams, with a large selected of tested bootlegs and YUM YUM versions never before heard in the NRW region. Bringin some light and colourful sounds to the grotesque clubscene of today. Friendly is the keyword.

Our YUM YUM top tracks for February:

  1. If monkeys ruled – Gorillaz vs Nas & L. Hill (YUM YUM mix)
  2. Drop it like it’s close – The Cure vs Snoop Dogg (YUM YUM)
  3. MercedesBenz – Janis Joplin – Re edit by Chech
  4. Santa’s got a Bag of Soul – Poets of Rhythm
  5. S.O.S. Rihanna (using Soft Cells Tainted Love – about time)

YUM YUM growing and glowing.