YUM YUM Top Tunes 2006


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01. “Feel Good Maryâ€? Mary J Blige vs Gorillaz
“If monkeys ruledâ€? – Gorillaz vs Nas & L. Hill
03. “Drop it like it’s closeâ€? – The Cure vs Snoop
04. “Lost & Upside Down“ J. Johnson & Lauryn Hill
05. “Million Dollar Videoâ€?
Kelis vs India Arie
06. “Fresh Angelâ€? Pharrell vs Kool & the Gang
“Drama Danceâ€? Sean Paul vs Mary J.Blige
“Kanye-Forniaâ€? Kanye West vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers
09. “Tricks & Grapevinesâ€? Marvin Gaye – Kelis Edit

10. “Crazy in Love“ Gnarls Barkley vs Slick Rick

11. “Nowhere to run toâ€? Motown vs Nelly Furtado

12. “Blow your Soundâ€? Sean Paul vs Eve
13. “Ain’t no other Soundâ€? Damien Marley vs Christina Aguilera
14. “the Break offâ€? Mary j Blige vs Dr.Dre
15. “Caine & Cheebaâ€? Method Man vs Eric Clapton

16. “Rock with your Loveâ€? Pharrell/ Kanye vs Michael Jackson
17. “Doo Wop & Smiles Lilly Allen vs Lauryn Hill
18. “I love my hottest B****“ Busta/Gamm Rmx by Tand Williams
19. “Rockin Robinâ€? Jackson 5 vs Gnarls Barkely
20. “Roxannes Humpâ€? The Police vs Fergie
21. “Time after Timeâ€? Cindy Lauper re-edit
22. “London Paybackâ€? – James Brown vs Fergie
23. “Can’t hurry Loveâ€? Supremes vs KRS-1 & K-os
24. My Girl “by the Temptations (Reedit)
25. ArmagideOn & On Erykah Badu vs Willie Willson