Introducing Matoma

We listened to his stuff – not too long ago, were convinced of his production skills, especially since he was the only one that managed to come up with a more than decent Marlon Roudette remix – ps the ONLY one! And a rather bad Biggie version – but skip that one and you get a proper picture of the kid. Even Kygo didn’t get all his tunes right, but that is called different tastes in music – i guess. You could describe him as a new kid on the emerging tropical scene, which is, along the ruling folky deep house scene, another new remedy for that unbearable tech noise rubbish that has been invading our eardrums in the past few years, but far from that i smell another musical quality in him, like i so often do in Scandinavian artists. He crates musical landscapes that feel like fantasy lands that seem to evolve endlessly  and his remixes and tunes have heart and transport emotion, and that does count in a unnecessary stream of musical and informational overload.

I skipped his name on our blog before, since all the heads that are into the tropical side of music already followed him on Facebook (translation: being lazy). But here he comes with a new offering and this remix is being released officially – so big up fella and for everyone out there it’s definitely time to check him out!

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