A special song for a special person.


The two of us have a long road ahead of us. Everything can happen, everyone and every single moment is our teacher and this certainty from within keeps me going. Sometimes it gets cloaked in illusion… and when the illusion disappears – only this certainty, that whatever we do is absolutely meant to be and feels right and in alignment, from a loving higher perspective, remains. Only this certainty from the inside out remains. One has to be still and leave the gates of the heart open at all times, and when that doesn’t work, one needs to retreat – to be still by oneself. Something i forgot in the last year… When there is no centre, no person – just everything as it is, there is love. And when you love you are beauty.

This song is for you.

For me. For us. For the world.

I do not know what he is singing, what words exactly… but i realize that everyone and everything is your teacher… if you know how to listen.Thank you.