Bingo! Bulls Eye.


Lakechild are nailing the current german sound in unprecedented perfection. Even though there are different styles emerging left and right these guys are somewhere in the middle of the whole deep house movement, and though still relatively unknown they have already being picked for an official Angus & Julia Stone Remix – that’s gonna get promoted by the Majors all over the EU and is being used as the offical promotion for A&J Stone’s new Album (we can all agree that this wasn’t the Stone Family’s best effort to date). And the upcoming new Lana Del Rey single will have another one of their brilliant remixes included. These two guys are a direct hit and WIN for this whole musical genre. You don’t get to hear badly mixed elements, no cheesy or untight warping of samples (looking at you flicflac and a few more) or anything that doesn’t work on the dancefloor or even while chilling at some cool spots. While the outside world may be wondering what’s happening in our part of the world, this is pretty much the sound you will hear in each and every german city. Hope there are more people with a neck for talent out there to promote you guys – right this very moment – because this is all about to fly in the very near future. Even though they are not some tropical producers, a genre that is currently occupied the minds of trendsetters, each of their tunes has a hint of summer. Just lovely! Listen to the rest of their Soundcloud and watch these guys career take off. Thanks for the music, you are becoming a household name on ChromeMusic and we all play it. Grab this free-bie.

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