angry hamster

This hit us like a german Blitz… and those are notorious for being efficiently harmful. Sorry just picking up on the many lines my british folks are constantly mocking us with. Damn, i though these days were over ;) Anyways, here is Wolfskind, a friend of our family & clique (suggested by Lakechild!) and besides having already put out a considerable and definitely noteworthy amount of quality releases via his Soundcloud, i think it’s safe to say that his original tune (meaning it’s not sample based) is by far his best work to date. Not to lessen his previous efforts, but sincerely how many of the Remixer-turned-producer Soundcloud-celebrities have a good solo offering that doesn’t rip another song? Yep, in case you didn’t know, my sarcasm possibly made you guess it… It’s pretty much tends to < 5% (a rough but still friendly estimate). Wolfskind aka Lucas is now my prime example for a prominent 5%er (besides the Wyclef Jean and the Poor Righteous Reachers :). “Build you a castle” will stick with you and if that’s a glimpse of what’s to come – i for one salute this young man!In his own words the production of this tune must have been quite the journey: “I have started this track 4-5 months ago, I don’t really remember, but I hated it when it was finished… 1-2 months ago I was so sad that I didn’t finish it… so I reworked everything and this came out. I give it away for free as always and I would love to get your support!”. In the immortal words of the prophetic J.Geils band “Love stinks!” And those who like to play that game are mentally challenged to say the least and possessed by roleplaying entities. I am so glad Wolfskind is over that phase and we can set sail for new shores. Looking forward to more material.

So go grab this free download, released a mere 8h ago,  and in case i forgot to mention: “NO WOLVES WERE HARMED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS SONG.”