On Friday November 28th YUM YUM will be hitting Frankfurt. We’ll be playing at Walden, we get a lot of love and support from Julian Smith and my man Hannibal. Djs for that night will be Schu, Chrome, Schowi and FFMs main man Julian Smith. By the way – thats as far my own info goes… More as soon as i have gathered further intelligence. Whats a party PSA without at least one good tune?


Frontin – Pharrell & Roy Ayres (classic YUM YUM version 2004)

About the tune..

An early YUM YUM classic from 2004, that i have played to death. Before the Serato days, when i spent a buttload of $ and € on Dubplates. Heck i used to have a big record bag all the way packed with dubs. I even remember that odd feeling every time i was waiting for the luggage at the airport. Nauseating and hoping that none of it got effed on its way or even stolen or even sent to a different spot. Plus – can you believe how much money i am saving? Nuff sissy boy talk. Enjoy our classic Pharrell**Rework.