Just in time for tonights YUM YUM with me, schowi & max
Let me start with saying that my damn laptop crashed the other day. Most of my stuff was backed up, on and offline, but all the new & finished versions along some other rather important stuff got lost. so i had to come up with something really fast on logic 8 – a program that i have never worked on – so did an American Boy remix as well. Hope you like it. sometimes the best things arise out of the urgency… i like “American Rock Boy” pretty much but to let you know – this is just a first draft – expect a proper mixed version (if this one doesnt come out sounding right at tonights YUM YUM) next week when i have reinstalled all my regular music programs.  …. And blah… Here we go with this months YUM YUM Top Tunes Selection.

1. “American Rock Boy (YUM YUM)” – Eagle Eye Cherry / Estelle / Kanye

2. “Paris S’enflamme” – Ladyhawke

3. “Dip it low” R&B-reggae retreat (Wunder YUM YUM version)

4. “Dance wiv me” Dizzy Rascal & Calvin Harris

5. “Give it up” Pharrell & Twista vs Escort (Hoffs smoove mix)

6. “Green Light” – John Legend & Andre 3000

7. “Come over Love” Estelle (live video w John Legend)

8. “Running Man” A-trak & Lupe Fiasco

9. “More” – Rhymefest

10. “American Girl” – Kasha (check him out on myspace and tell him to send me a 320 mp3)