YUM YUM top tunes selection for May

YUM YUM Top Tune Selection for May 2006- this Friday you’ll get to hear it
1. “Kanye-Fornia� Kanye West vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers (YUM YUM Version)
2. “Tricks & Grapevinesâ€? Marvin Gaye – Kelis Edit – great mash version
3. “What’s my name?â€? DJ Earworm mash/edit – a mad tune!!!
4. “Crazyâ€? Gnarls Barkley â€â€? simply everywhere
5. “New York Sh§*â€? Busta Rhymes & Dj Scratch – Instrumental is a killer
6. “Ganja Farmer� Still the No.1 Roots tune in and around the world
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