Final ChromeMusic Party – this Saturday @ ART Babel / Munich – before opening up our own club


STORY First off, thanks again for coming down to last months birthday party. It was a great night with all friends and family, although i was drunk out of my mind shortly after midnight and i didnt get to enjoy the many cakes apart from sitting on one of them (still sorry for that). This is our 3rd & Final Date at Art Babel, any other spot, before we move into our own Club… place, room, call it what you want, and we are bringing all our friends along, to give our new home that collective YUM YUM state of mind. Most of us say it was about time. /// It has been an oddyssey with loads of bizarre off-locations and unmanagable obstacles. Mostly its been the egos of our many ‘nightlife’ partners,  but at the end of the day thats all over now and we want to celebrate with the many people who are YUM YUM / chrome music. We just wanna bring you the sets and sounds that we love and whenever we give people positive vibes through music, thats pretty much Mission Accomplished. There is no space at all for egos. And thats why you are probably here, reading this because you are YUM YUM.

PARTY INFO So, this Saturday December 3rd, for one last time, enjoy the famous Kalkutta-like bathrooms of Art Babel, dusted Soundsystems, barstaff which is old enough to be your little brothers hipster BFFs and of course the impeccable biological ART on display uopn the walls ;) No seriously, we will all have a great time!

MUSIC Decembers new YUM YUM top tunes will be online on Friday and as always an indicator to what we will play. Djs will be myself & D-Nice to get a proper*proper dance going. Lets see if Not:fx can make it, he is feeling better already after getting severly bruised last week. S*it happens! Get well soon, buddy! But the rest of the family will definitely be here as you can see from this Masterpiece of a Variant Flyer. LOL After so many technical difficulties, server was under attack, for the past 2 weeks, chromemusic is fully operating again and a on mission, best upon us by the Lord, (that is of course the metamorphing Alien Ninja Zombie Jesus) to bring you the best 49 tunes of the past 7 years! Didnt forget about that! Until then enjoy the many new Mixtapes.

LOCATION & DATE The wathers brilliant, hard to believe its close to christmas and its gonna be even more sunny on Saturday. I guess we ll be there from 10 on, so drop by anytime soon. Doors open officially at 11:11 pm. How to get to Art Babel is still very very simple/ heart of the city. The Occupy Art Babel  movement continues. Lol

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS here’s a small event to invite your real friends, the people you love hanging out with, no mass invites anymore! we will keep to that, pls do the same. people are tired of the mass invites and so am i.

FREE BEERS FOR FREE BEARS -Last times über-successful “Beers for Bears” campaign continues. It has even been expanded to more paper toys. The rules are simple. You’ll get a beer for free (in exchange) if you bring one of the following paper toys with you (download it here, print it out in color, fold & glue it together properly). One BEER a Person! Ps Thx for last times 55 Pedo Bears! There is a Pedo Bear YUM YUM Poster coming with the many unique Bears you have created (pic 1pic 2pic 3)! We will turn all these toys into Flyers & Posters next month, so go wild with your imagination!

FREE ENTRY as tested, any kind of serious cosplay gets a free entry (we talk proper costumes or people that try hard). I mean that cardboard stormtrooper last time was pretty hilarious! We will have a little free entry test for our newsletter recipents!

See you Saturday for a lively and lovely dance with a taste of summer. Jah bless ;)