Top Friend Party this THUR @ Liga


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Yep, this is gonna be reaaal nice – will be our first date with the temperature outside not surpassing the 30 degrees barrier. So if you have been down the last time me and steve played – you know you are in for a real treat. Top Friend is here and all the parties so far have been a blast – we are really glad to be able to hold such a nice venue for all of you. With all the other stuff going on THUR – our buddy Yogo from Tel Aviv  playing someplace else and Major Lazer playing a live show – this should even get more packed – IF thats possible! Everyones gonna be showing up in our venue soner or later anyway.  BE in for a huuuge night.

Join the TOP FRIEND GROUP on FACEBOOK -the new mixtape will uploaded here on THURsaday afternoon and RSVP to the event – if you want to, so seee you


jump in the middle and skank