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Top Friend Party Thursday @ Erste Liga

Once again we are havin our Top Friend Party this Thursday at Erste Liga. This time DJ duties are up to our friend Stevie Mac from Manchester, who has been spinning at Top Friend Parties for several times and always did a good job and Munichs own Raph who did a fabuluous job last time he played alongside Schowi. You know what to expect with these guys around, quality Club Music all night long. As always there is an Early Bird special price between 23h an 0:30h. See you on Thursday at the bar enjoying some good Music and russian Drinks

RVSP to the Facebook Event


husky rescue – soundoflove (the twelves remix)

some new Top Friend Tunes & Party this Thursday @ Erste Liga

Top Friend Party this Thursday @ Erste Liga with my buddies Stevie Mac (Manchester) & Not:fx (Schnitzengiggle) – Rsvp on Facebook

more dubstep crossover mayhem, that will fire up your african tech-step parties. hitting tune with a catchy roger troutman sample. Ps google Ruskos production for the upcoming MIA release.


Rusko- Da Cali Anthem _NONEWYORK Funky Refix MASTER

another great refix from Seiji – nice mellow build up until sheer niceness explodes. this mans work is great.


Better – Toddla T (Seiji’s Troubleadub)

Top Friend Party tonight @ Erste Liga


Well tonight it is the ‘return of the Mack’, my friend Stevie Mac (Manchester UK) is back to play @ Top Friend Party alongside Raph who has been a Top Friend resident at YUM YUM for the past 1,5 years. These two are bound to steal the show even if they are relatively unknown. I know Steve Aoki is playing at the P1 opening and so forth, but this is the one you wanna go to partywise, crowdwise and location wise. Hit up Steve Aoki and then head over top T F Party for the real thrill.
A Top Friend Favourite right now:


La Roux – Bulletproof (Gashups Filthy Dubstep Remix)

this one i found while getting lost in blogland some weeks ago, played it ever since. Too bad i haven’t found a better quality mp3 yet.


I got Soul, I’m So Wasted – Wallpaper

Top Friend Party this THUR @ Liga

Bild 10

Yep, this is gonna be reaaal nice – will be our first date with the temperature outside not surpassing the 30 degrees barrier. So if you have been down the last time me and steve played – you know you are in for a real treat. Top Friend is here and all the parties so far have been a blast – we are really glad to be able to hold such a nice venue for all of you. With all the other stuff going on THUR – our buddy Yogo from Tel Aviv  playing someplace else and Major Lazer playing a live show – this should even get more packed – IF thats possible! Everyones gonna be showing up in our venue soner or later anyway.  BE in for a huuuge night.

Join the TOP FRIEND GROUP on FACEBOOK -the new mixtape will uploaded here on THURsaday afternoon and RSVP to the event – if you want to, so seee you


jump in the middle and skank