YUM YUM Munich Sep 25th @ Puerto Giesing

YUM YUM Munich Sp 25th @ Puerto Giesing
Saturday, Sep 25th
Puerto Giesing, München (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Max Mausser!
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A new & massive YUM YUM in Munich coming your way! Well me and Max are gonna return to the essence of YUM YUM, for more on that read a full report the coming week in the Character section. It’s gonna be a huge night, and strictly no Italians this weekend – simple o-fest rule. Recheck this month’s YUM YUM top tunes and make sure to show up early.

News: Soon we will have 2 new YUM YUM mixtapes, actually will be passing out the newest one at our next date in Munich (early October) and nationwide, and our Newsletter will soon be much brighter, nicer and full of our music so stay tuned, and start subscribing in 2 weeks (You are gonna love it!). And a full coloured YUM YUM 7″ vinyl single (“I need a dollar YUM YUM Version) is in the making – and will be handed out this Saturday to a few selected YUM YUM lovers (so send me a mail) and many, many more things are ahead, but a full report on monday is coming…

So catch you Saturday, dont forget to bring your dancing shoes, I am really having an itch to play a proper YUM YUM set. See you in a bit.