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YUM YUM Duisburg feat. DJ Eleven (The RUB) this Saturday @ 100Meister

Hands down! A YUM YUM extraordinaire is upon us. Tomorrow DJ Eleven (The RUB, NYC) and I team up for the third time at Hundertmeister (directions via Google maps), Duisburg. Also after five wonderful years this will mark our next to last date at Hundertmeister!!

We will keep you posted on how things develop!

In the meantime check who else is coming, RSVP to the event on Facebook and enjoy another two nights with good friends and a lot of smiling faces on the dancefloor.


Diafrix – Simple Man ft Daniel Merriweather

PS: As always Joe did a little mix for his European vacation. You can download the whole thing here! Here is what Joe has to say about it:

I’m hitting the planes again this month to make a bunch of stops in Europe.  I’ll be starting at Yum Yum Duisburg on Saturday, May 21, stopping through Relaxed Klubbing in Konstanz on Monday the 23rd, going big at Fabric in London on Friday the 27th, and finishing off at the 4 year anniversary of Nice! in Munich on Saturday the 28th.

This is my third time stopping through this great monthly party to rock with Tand Williams and the crew.

YUM YUM this Saturday, Apr 16th @ 100Meister

Hands down. Another massive YUM YUM at the Hundertmeister is upon us this Saturday. Personally looking forward to this one because I haven’t been spinning for two weeks and DJ duties will be up Tipura and myself.

Tipura runs things in Stuttgart and will be joining our NRW family for the first time. So let’s all make sure to give him a very warm welcome since he’s as eager to play as I am.

Doors will be open at 11PM as always. Please make sure to check our latest YUM YUM Top Tunes for April so you know what to expect musicwise.

Aaaaaaaaaand don’t forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook, join our group and/or subscribe to our (German) newsletter. If I remember why – I’ll let you know ;)


John Legend – Rolling in the deep (not.fx remix)

YUM YUM this Saturday, Feb 19th @ 100Meister /// 5th Anniversary

YUM YUM this Saturday, Feb 19th @ 100Meister /// 5th Anniversary

Here it is. 5 years in a row with no break whatsoever. Thank you guys for being who you are because you truly make YUM YUM what is! But enough with the jibjab. This one is definitely going to be off the hook!! Oh boy. DJ duties are up to Not:fx, Pretty boy D-nice! and myself. Can’t wait.

Hit up the Facebook event for RSVP and Google Maps for directions. Oh yeah, almost forgot: also we’ll be giving away a new CD for early birds. In case you’d like to return the favor, bring one of these (assembled) and help me build my Imperial army. Thx.


The Nextmen – A Mean Speaker

Ps: Please come early! Just sayin’ ;)

YUM YUM this Saturday in NRW & Würzburg

YUM YUM this Saturday in NRW

Hands down as another massive YUM YUM is upon us. And this one is special because it’ll be the last for 2010 at everybody’s favorite joint: the Hundertmeister. DJ 5. Ton and myself will bring you the latest in YUM YUM sound these days. If you don’t wanna wait till Saturday check the almighty YUM YUM Top Tunes for December right down below. Really looking forward to this one since teaming up with “Fuffie” is always a lot of fun. Aaaaand… I haven’t seen you guys in a while. About time! Check the Facebook Event for directions and to RSVP.

Also there is a huge YUM YUM going down at Kamikatze, Würzburg. Make sure to check the Facebook group for further intel (no event by now. whassupwitdat?!) if you’re somewhere nearby.


“I Love A Girl ” D-sisive (GrizzlyBearHijacked) Prod.By Muneshine

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Bass ill Euro Remix ft. Mister Santos) Video

Our friends and YUM YUM homies Schowi & Passion aka Bass ill Euro remixed the chart-topping Barbra Streisand plus featured german lyrics by Mister Santos of Massive Töne fame. If you are already over the original version, you will enjoy this one for sure, it is a certified banger on the dancefloor already! The video is just too good to be left out, also. Btw: All YUM YUM Stuttgart people will know most of the people involved in it!

Free Download: Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Bass ill Euro Remix feat. Mister Santos)

By the way Not:fx and I had a really great time spinning last Saturday. That was bananas. Thanks so much for making it mine! See if you can spot Alex in the video who will be playing with me at 100Meister next month. Very much looking forward to that. From what I heard the opening in Vienna was a blast also but more on that soon in a full review.

YUM YUM Duisburg this Saturday, Nov. 20th

YUM YUM Duisburg this Saturday, Nov. 20th
November 20th
100Meister (via Google Maps)
Tand Williams // Not:fx
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Top Tunes November

Yes, it’s the 17th of November now which means it’s time for a new YUM YUM at the 100Meister this Saturday, Nov. 20th. DJs for the night will be Tand Williams and Not:fx who hasn’t been around since… hm… well I can’t remember exactly which basically means for way too long.

We are in for a full YUM YUM with all new versions and material which we are craving to play. Doors will be open at 11 PM as always and oh yes… we’ll hand out the brand new YUM YUM mixtape. Almost forgot about that. lol


Sexion d’assaut “Désolé”