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Premiere & Free DL! Lions Head – P.I.M.P (50 Cent Acoustic Cover)

Lions Head went back into the studio to record their imprompto cover version of 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’, they used to play on stages while touring through europe. The orginal is a alltime classic and you can’t go wrong with an acoustic cover (man + guitar) in this noisy world. So congrats Lions Head we love the spin on it and you’re officially pimps now w/o dropping “wigger” or the “N bomb” once! In a 50 cent cover!

To all the producers out there, you should give it a nice danceable house/tropical/future spin and check back with us to test your results. Ps: Send us your remix and we’re going to post it if we like it. Happy weekend errbody!

Free Download https://www.hive.co/l/8s7w

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B – In da Club

One of Dr Dres all time heavyweight beats that ruled clubland in 03 or was it 04? Don’t know, but i catch myself getting back into this beat a lot lately. This was one of B’s first claims to the Boss B**** throne. Was never released except on a few mixtapes, even though it appeared on the billboard charts, but that was due to radio play and not sales. here ya go with this heavyweight interpretation


Beyonce – In Da Club [sexy lil thug]

Gary Oldman reads from R. Kelly’s Autobiography Soulacoaster – EPIC [+ Top 10 Readings Rundown]

1. just Gary Oldman being awesome. “We’ll just let it do what it do”


2. Gary Oldmans rant against acting NBA athletes a few weeks back

3. Gary Oldman reads the Jersey Shore recap

4. Essential: Richard Dreyfuss reads the itunes EULA [1940’s Wochenschau German accent]

5. Christopher Walken reads Lady Gagas “Poker Face”. Too much Cowbell!!

6. Another one is –> John Hurt reading 50 Cents Memoirs

Oh and i almost forgot master thespian (had a hard time even writing this) & forever-ever Captian Kirk

7.  the great William Shatner performing Sarah Palins Tweets . Classic.

8. William Shatner reading Rihannas Umbrella

9. But it it all started for me with “Kanyes tweets with Grandma“. Man ninjas are kind of cool…. I just don’t know any

10. ÜBERVIDEO: Including All Time classics: Such as “Maaaaaan, whatever happened to my antique fish tank?” Josh Groban sings Kanyes tweets. —->>>>  #SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY