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YUM YUM Duisburg this Sat, Oct 17th @ 100Meister

YUM YUM Duisburg Sat, Oct 17th 2009

You’ll be in for a treat with our man DJ 5ter Ton and Tand (that would be me). Alex bravely jumped in a few months ago while Schowi was MIA. Everybody who attended the brawl knows what he’s / she’s up to… the party turned out to be such a Über-Fest that I’m quite eager to play on Saturday and see if we can get back right where we left off.

Of course you should RSVP and join our Facebook group.

aaaaaaaaand don’t forget to vote for this months YUM YUM Top Tunes because you’ll definitely hear those out loud on Saturday!

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YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary @ 100Meister this Saturday

Woohaa! This one’s gonna be massive. I know we drop this a lot but this time even we’re a bit affraid of what’s going down this Saturday Feb 21st when we open up and celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Duisburg which has become a household name in the Ruhr Area nightlife in no time and still is.

Unfortunately Schowi isn’t able to make it due to an unexpected appearance at this years Echo in Berlin on short notice which happens to be on the very same date. Sucks big time. But the problem is already solved and we’re happy to announce that we have a very appropriate substitute selected and approved by Schowi himself. Speaking about DJ 5ter Ton who will play a very similar set and sound along myself.

Reacting on the door situation last time (we had to close up at 1 o’clock because the place was exploding) we will rearrange the dj booth and make room so people can dance on the stage. So make sure you show up as an early bird to make it to the floor which will be a mad place.

Take care and see you in a bit!!

PS: There was an 1Live Moving Mix on the air on Saturday night and from what I know there will be another broadcast next Saturday. I’ll post this on Sunday right after the party for everyone who missed it.

PPS: Speaking about mixes… There will be a YUM YUM Mixtape (actually a cd) handed out that night which was made especially for this occasion. Hope you all enjoy it. Will be available online a few days after.