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Ben L’oncle Soul

I heard this for the first time today, and i was blown away, this is pure YUM YUM music! Never heard of this dude before and he is supposed to be big in the EU? Well thats where we are based, but still i haven’t got a clue – through our huge dj network i should have at least had a hint of him, since he pretty much does exactly the music we play and dig, still no one ever heard of him. ??? Seriously?? All right he has got over 50.000 facebook fans and they play him on televison, i just got told, but i do not own a tv and the Daily Shows online anyway, so no need for that. I got more and more curious, since this guy sounds like the french Jamie Lidell, Ben Westbeach and the likes with some excellent music to back up that claim. I dig this mucho, even more than the loads of well know acts that are associated or are synonymous with Soul music these days. This fella right here will surely be included on all our new mixtapes.


Seven Nation Army




Petite Soeur

The video to 7 Nation Army is even from 2009!

And while we all await the John legend/ Roots collabo album and almost all the songs have leaked one way or another, and sometimes Legends vocals simply cant compete with the originals (we are talking Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway and more people of the same calibre), here comes a french dude with a SOUL/soul album that just blew me away with its sheer niceness. No gimicking around with some hip trendy music adaptions and imitative sounds and effects, like so many so-called soul artists these days, but purely feel good music – and that is what makes it so soulful. Kinda like Raphael Saadiqs album last year. Traditional Soul Music. It just is good and does not claim anthing! Thanks a lot Ben L’oncle Soul.
Your entire album will get LOADS of playtime at all our parties!

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2 more “live” videos that i have found while looking for this fella online. Beautiful material!