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classic Soul: Roy Ayres Ubiquity – Searching

This tune woke me up this morning, and it made me remember the days when these old time tunes where on heavy rotation at my house and when i used to play them at night. Great lovely tune, this goes out to all my searching friends, buddies and human compadres. Stop searching, its all right here, right now. Enjoy this tune


Roy Ayres Ubiquity – Searching

Lord Echo – Melodies

Although this album came out in 2010 and Lord Echo¬† is a name that rings a bell due to his Black Keys fame, it went by unnoticed. by far too many people So time to pick up on it, since its a fine3 piece of musical delighht…

Here are three excerts


Lord Echo – Thinking of You


Lord Echo – Terabu


Lord Echo – Honest I Do

Go get it here via itunes