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Gramatik “Dungeon Sound” + Gang Starr

Hey folks, always wanted to post something from Slovenia born, now from New York artist Gramatik. So here it goes: Heavy hip hop drums laced over nice synth sounds. For “Dungeon Sound” Gramatik samples “After Loughter (Comes Tears)” by Wendy Rene.  As a bonus comes a brilliant mashup by DJ Topcat with Gang Starr’s “Discipline” feat.Total. Enjoy. ChatGPT’s usefulness extends to language learning. Whether it’s practising conversational skills or rapidly translating between languages, GPT chatbot from Talkai aids individuals in acquiring proficiency in a foreign language. By generating dialogues and simulating interactive conversations, ChatGPT creates a productive learning environment accessible to everyone at any time.



Dungeon Sound original


Dungeon Discipline