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Sade new song “Soldier of Love”


Being the huge Sade fan i have been for so many years, about 20 years now, its been almost a decade since her last release and i am totally looking forward to the new one. This is her new song and even though i generally hate songtitles with the words “war, soldier,..” or anything military in it, Sade as in previous years is an exception to the rule or all rules in general. If its gonna be anything like any of her previous albums i am gonna be listening to this one for the next 10 years.

In general i don’t believe in the concept of albums these days, when observed from an evolutionary point of view – this mechanical item is simply dated, but once again Sade is also an exception to this rule. Enjoy


Sade – Soldier of Love

Hindustani Gangster


These guys here >>> Music without borders >>>did an awesome remix album of Jay’s “American Gangster” album. They mixed it all up with Indian & Bollywood sounding tunes, loops and fx from some 70s +80s indian gangster movies. The outcome is Hindustani Gangster which is definitely the funniest and wittiest approach to remixing Jay’s otherwise mediocre album. (do not comment we can argue over this for days) I am playing two of these tunes even if they are at 160kbs, so you see how much i’m digging this. Download the full album right here:www.hindustanigangster.com

check this tune:


Jay-Z “Pray” (ft. Shez Khan) from the Hindustani Gangster Album

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Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon: The End of the Day Album


Finally Cudis album drops. Not that albums are really state of the art in the digital age of a accelerating informational flow, but this ones worth mentioning and like Cudi says himself on the album – its different – not only from the general hiphop material – but somehow different. And for all of you who havent followed Cudis rmx, features and many, many appearances all over – not only the interwens and blogland – this is a perfect introduction to him. His two biggest hits are on here – Poke here face (sampling the accoustic lady gaga version) and of course Day & Night. We all got up on Cudi some time ago when the Day and Night original dropped, the pre Crookers Rmx, and everybody was up on it – humming and singing the lonely stoner anthem. Then of course that rmx elevated it to pop-cult status and even went into the pop charts. The only, dare i say, “Rapper” respected and featured by all scenes alike – and thats what we want these days. No limiatations and boundaries as to what your music is. So this LP comes recommended probably by everyone – not just by me – bc its one of the few albums worth buying and listening to as a whole. And you know i never supported the idea of albums.


02 Soundtrack 2 My Life

Fortknox Five “Radio Free DC Remixed” – new album!

Bild 1

Our buddy Andy  – aka Fortknox Five – has got a new Album out, its called “Radio Free DC Remixed”. Its his 2008 album “Radio Free DC” remixed, had to break that down, wasn’t that obvious. Support the man, the album just came out last week – get it here and here and here. why not get 3 copies? Remixes by the likes of Rodney Hunter, Nextmen, Deekline & Ed Solo and many, many more. As always FK5 brings good material to the table while keeping true to his vibe. There is more than enough material and versatality for every tastemaker, genrebreaker and style afficionado.

here is my favourite right now – enjoy:


Killa Soundboy (Sub Swara Remix)

Official Starter Djs album drops! Download right here, right now!


Our friends across the ocean, the Starter Djs just have released their Album “The Flavour” via the blog world, and i reckon this to be the only way to do it these days. This album release is in conjunction with chromemusic.de and we all hope you enjoy it very much – i ll leave the journalistic description of their style up to others who feel appointed to do so. i simply like what their doing and want to share it with you. below are 2 tracks for a quick eardrop and at the end of the tracklist is the download link for the full zip. i hope you enjoy their latest effort and show them some love on :

the Starter Djs on  myspace and Young Live (the producer) on twitter.


Cold Dust Girl – Hey Champ (Young Live Remix – Starters Dj’s)


Jdp- Release- (Young-Live-Blackout-Remix)

its time these guys had some recognition on our side of the Atlantic.

here are some of their previously posted tracks.


***Download the Starters-Djs-“the-Flavor”-Official-remix-Album ***


1) Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (Starters Dj’s Remix)
2) Chester French – She Loves Everybody (Young Live Remix)
3) Hollywood Holt – Hollywood (Young Live Murder Remix)
4) Wiz Khalifa – Make it Hot (Young Live Electric Fire Remix)
5) Bullet – Mr. Robotic (Starters Dj’s Magnet Remix)
6) Donnis – Party Works (Young Live Its Alive Remix)
7) JDP – Release (Young Live Blackout Remix)
8) Kid Sister – Get Fresh (Starters Dj’s Remix)
9) Cool Kids – Action Figures (Starters Dj’s Voglio Solo ReMash)
10)Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (The Starters Remix)

88 Keys “The Death of Adam”

Always been a fan of 88-keys ever since i had my record shop, 8 years ago. After this years mixtape – the album “the Death of Adam” dropped in November and i actually think its fantastic – far from being a hip hop album, this is packed with good produced, modern, up to date tunes.  Outstanding album: the last time i said this about a hiphop album must be years ago, but give it a listen: i just posted 2 tunes and hope you get any chance to buy it here (Amazon doesn’t work outside the US), but this man is definitely worth supporting so try buying it somewhere online (cause its not gonna be in any shops close for sure) – and if not google it and i’m sure you’ll stumble upon some download link. Spread the word. Man i just remembered a tune from 88_keys that i used to play till the 10″ was gone – it was an instrumental track called “Montreux”. So if anyone has that tune, please hook me up…