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Shaolin Sure Shots April

After getting so much positive feedback for our Shaolin Soul Nights at the Yip Yab munich, we decided to share with you a monthly selection of the tracks we play at our partys. Some of the good old stuff, some of that wicked new stuff and maybe even some surprises. Get it on your headphones and share it with your friends.

So here they are, April’s Shaolin Sure Shots, compiled by Jaws, Taran, Marki, and Wunder.


A- Dorondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)


Al Green – Simply Beautiful (King Most Redirection)


Amp Fiddler – I Believe In You


Ben l’Oncle Soul- Soulman


Brenda Butler & The Fonxionaires – Gin & Tonic


Etta James – I’d rather go blind (prince of ballard edit)


Exile – When Nothing’s Left (feat. Blu)


Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot 20Syl Remix feat. Shad


Onra – Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit)


Sola Rosa – Turn Around ft. Iva Lamkum (TM Juke Remix)


Visioneerss – Ike’s Mood I

YUM YUM Munich this Saturday @Praterinsel

Yes, we are back with a brandnew YUM YUM coming this Saturday @munichs Praterinsel. We did one here 3 weeks ago, the weather was fab, but like any new location (like Registartur, like Kongress, like Puerto) we ran into a few obvious difficulties, like the soundsystem, the lights and how to decorate both (act 3) rooms. These things will be taken care of and the djs (us) will have a booth + stage and some proper visuals, hahahaha… for sure this time. It was really hot inside and that will taken care of as well with an outside bar and an open air – area and a couple of fans inside! To cool us all of! Djs will be Chrome, Tand Williams & Tommy Montana.

See, where we are going… this gonna be a huge night and with a proper soundsystem to get a dance on, anyplace on the location not just the front rows! Really looking fwd to this one, since this time we are ourselves responsible for the soundsystem, the lights and everything – means more work, but also means we can have it our way! Looking fwd to a massive night and see you Saturday!!!

How to get to Praterinsel (via Google Maps) —— Rsvp to the event on facebook ——

PS!!! A new YUM YUM Mixtape will be finished this week – The complete YUM YUM – Sunshine Inside Mix. You will receive a seperate Goody Mail, with the mix and it will be online this weekend. So if you want to get it ahead of everyone else – make sure to sign up for our Mixtape Goody Mail (only Music – no Party Invites).

To get you started here is the sneak preview – the first part that we already posted last time:

YUM YUM Sunshine Inside (short mix)

YUM YUM Vienna this Saturday @ Loft with chrome, tand, dan gerous & many more

Saturday April 23rd
The Loft (via Google Maps)
Main Floor: Chrome//Tand Williams // DJ Crum! (Top Friend Floor feat. Dan Gerous & DJ Dizzy)
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YUM YUM Top Tunes in April

Chiddy Bang – Heatwave

Even though unanounced, we changed up the dj roster for this Saturday @Viennas Loft to give you a guaranteed 100% YUM YUM night, so just ignore what the flyer says: djs will be chrome, tand williams & local crum, + the top friend floor will be run by my man dan gerous & local nice guy dizzy. be in for a treat, come down to the dance, take the heatwave with you and see you in a bit. will be massive.

YUM YUM Stuttgart on April 16th

April 16th
Keller Club (via Google Maps)
DJ D-Nice// DJ Swist!
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Top Tunes April

Die Vögel zwitschern, die Knospen treiben und die Parks machen dem Begriff “Grünanlagen” wieder alle Ehre.

Dies lässt sich natürlich der Sympathieträger unter den Partyreihen nicht entgehen und holt mit gewohntem Charme und guter Laune den Stuttgarter Frühling von den Straßen in den Keller Klub. Anders ausgedrückt: YUM YUM lässt die Frühlings-Vibes wieder durch das Ländle flattern.

Dieses Mal sprengen DJ D-Nice und DJ Swist die Grenzen eines eintönigen Sounderlebnisses und öffnen die Ohren für genreübergreifende Partytunes. Ob alte Rock-Klassiker, freshe Hip Hop-Sets oder elektronischen Leckerbissen, YUM YUM klingt so bunt wie der Frühling und macht Lust auf noch heißere Tage.