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Adidas Originals Munich Cityguide

Feeling like Cpt. Artschool? Lost your way? Too many mainstreamers infiltrating your coffee shops?

Out buddies over at artscoolvets.com posted the Adidas Originals Cityguides for Munich and Berlin. The guide was crafted especially for locals but it also works as a tourist guide. In addition to the hot spots you can enter competitions like “Tag Your City” or the “Star Wars Sticker Invasion”. We’re very happy that artschoolvets.com and chromemusic.de had the opportunity to contribute to this guide. You’ll get the guide at selected stores only + find more information on how and where right here.

If you’re either in Munich nor in Berlin this Friday you maybe wanna say hi to the guys of STW2D who featured Adidas Originals at The Live Magazine over the last days plus you’ll get to party at YUM YUM Friday night. Be in for a treat.

YUM YUM & Bday Party at Registratur this Friday

YUM YUM this Friday, November 21st will be our birthday party with almost all the YUM YUM djs coming down: Schu, Not:Fx, Schowi, Tand & Max and my self. Like written so often before – this will be the start of our petit tour (FFM, Munich & Berlin) – you know thats the tshirts and the whole stuff we hooked up with K-swiss. Recheck the YUM YUM tees and get some. Ps our Tour Cds will be handed out to the first guests. No need to tell ya this night is gonna a be a massive round up of creative folks and full blast of YUM YUM material and sound. So join us for our b-day party @ Registratur. This is definitely gonna be our last b-day party at this venue since its supposed to be closed down somewhen next year. Ps there is gonna be a Top Friend floor in area 2. see you Friday..

A great track to play that night will be this one…



(been a favourite of ours for at least 2 months now)

new YUM YUM T-shirts

All the new YUM YUM tees in co-op with K-swiss. Designed by the Zonders, Michmann & Räuber & Sonnenstraße. The Tees are available at Amen Store in Munich, at Biohauspiraten in Frankfurt and online at ARTSCHOOLVETS! in Berlin.



ARTSCHOOLVETS tees are allready floating around in munich, so they mentioned us here in this blog entry, besides they are the ones fair trading our tees in Berlin. So i do hope to see them when Schowi, Ben & me kick it off in Berlin Saturday nov 29th. THX for the blog Love Vets, right back at you. No better way to show appreciation but with some good music. Like Krs1 said in ’88 “…but how many veterans are out there paddeling?”. The ArtschoolVets got their s%&$ together and are more likely to tame the winds of the ocean.