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Spoon, the Beatles and the Ramones

I`ve never been a fan of the Ramones anyway and it really pissed me off, that it had become popular to use their “Blitzkrieg Bop” in every single skatevideo of the past decade. But now I`ve found this Beatles Mash Up which forced me to change my mind:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/For-no-bop.mp3|titles=Mighty Mike – For No Bop (BeatlesVs.TheRamones)]

Mighty Mike – For No Bop (BeatlesVs.TheRamones)

And to keep up the piano time, here is a nice live version by a band from Austin, I really can recommend. Visit Spoon here

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/12-The-Way-We-Get-By.mp3|titles=Spoon – The Way We Get By (live)]

Spoon – The Way We Get By (live)

Character – things change now!

Friday nights party (which we featured alongside others) was a good example of what i am gonna write about here. I have this website and all i/we do and do gladly is to do uplifting things because we like it, and not just for the sake of it – so we don’t book deejays/bands unless it really makes sense to our cause or we are close with someone. So we gladly support good things, music, cool locations, acts that we “feel” good about – and that is the keyword.

As of lately we have supported a lot of things that we didn’t feel too “YUM YUM” about and i can name them right here: “One is top friend in munich which headed into a direction where we didn’t even feel to good about it, and we need to change that or else i do not like to go there myself. That feeling of family and fun needs to be there.. which it has definitely lost. I am having a hard time featuring something on this site that doesn’t have that feeling of family and warmth, simply a good feeling. I have never been doing things just to be in a certain crowd. I Rather go create my own reality… You know that. A lot of things have to change here before i can label it part of what this website and me/we are about. Second is Klassentreffen, which is a party we feature bc it hosts nice acts, but has definitely up until now nothing to do with chromemusic besides friends running it. So that has to change as well – and it will with Chiddy Bang playing there in 2 weeks (and i consider X the producer/rapper of Chiddy to be a really cool dude). So thats of to a great start. AAaand if these things don’t change – well we have other things to do.

Change always starts with oneself and therefore i am gonna be hell more picky with what chromemusic as a website supports, as of right now!

Back to Friday nights party which was a Co-op between Die Registatur aka buddy Brane, Team from hell (superpaper, Horses, cars & starts ec), Crux – which is run by two of our djs anyways, and of course me/us as the website supporting it. The whole party was done, more as an accidental thing, after 3 locations have been cancelled. So next time if we have to do another short notice i will rather cancel it before trying to push it through just to do anyone a favour.

And a purely electronic party or a regular hiphop, or mashup party or whatever, has nothing to do with us – the versatiliy needs to be there (and the location as well) – so i am not blaming the guys playing – at all – its more the entire surrounding and way it was put up. chromemusic can support a House night if it fits the environment, a hiphp party (again) if it fits int hat surrounding, no problemo – but not if there is no fun going on and the vibes are all big room and cool clubland like. Fuck that! All the guys involved moved heaven and hell to get this thing of the ground within 3 days.. and worked their ass of for a mediocre party??? i mean it was packed and all that but the vibes were more like the last black eyed peas cd than anything else….Well thats not what we are about.. and if i catch me asking myself what i am doing there (and i did, about a hundred times last friday) – well that does show me -> that whole thing had NADA to do with us. And i cant support that! even retrospectively!

And all the guys involved know their way around (come on Team from Hell, Registratur, Crux these kids are pros) and so a not satisfying night was gnawing at my soul. Change starts right here right now! Fuck that! I won’t even call it change – That BS stops right here – right NOW!

So from now on, if its labeld chromemusic, at least one of these guys has to play there: Schowi, Max Mausser, Schu, Notfx, Dan Gerous, Tand Williams, Palina, Q and me —- and we know what to do.

Feel free to drop a comment.

ps another tune i want to here there:


We can Work it out – Stevie Wonder covers the Beatles

Character – music and me … a word about why i love playing music

i had one of the worst dj nights ever yesterday… (exaggerating)

i was playing with a nice guy.. his sound wouldnt just fit in. but i wasnt there to just cut him off and do my normal arrogant approach of just taking the eff over – and even though the sound was nothing the party promised it to be, i guess at times you cant just take fucking control over everything and have nothing better to offer – i am just not cut out for playing 4/4 or any other sound for hours and hours.
i want it to change constantly and be alive – cause thats what music is – its empowering, gives you a great feeling, is mentally and spiritually uplifting. it strikes a chord in your soul and lets you fuel your motor with positive energy. (ps i am not touching that other shit)

yesterday, it simply didnt feel like i belonged there – I dont like – and i repeat – i dont like to play an hour of the same monotoneous tempo – i am hell tired of 4 to the floor tunes after 30 min, or any other style.
i like to play fucking good music and i like to play all styles all the time and simulataneously – cant have that rubbish going on for too long – i need a hip hop beat backed by some rock tune, backed by some dubstep, some folk music – yeah some surfer shit, followed by some reggae by some disco, some uk funky and so forth. You guys know me and you heard my mixtapes, and everywhere i go it seems the mixtapes have allready been there.

i do not diversify by genres or styles, by undergound or pop. these are just mental labels to help someone determine who he or she thinks he is. That is so childish and its doing exactly the opposite. Wake the fuck up!

i laugh at people who eat the same shit every day – but this is in no sense any better.

the true essense of YUM YUM and why i play is to play good music (bring you the heavens and the sunshine)
….and not to please some cultural rubbish, some diluted mind needs as fuel for his/her self esteem. so screw all of that and let me make the first step by playing you what kind of song fits right into what i am saying:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/I-Wanna-Hold-Your-Hand-Al-Green.mp3|titles=I Wanna Hold Your Hand – Al Green]
Al Green – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

ps – feel free to comment and tell me how wrong i am …

Disco Ruido – Mrs Love (Beatles cover)

while we had 4 parties this weekend (YUM YUM in Berlin, Manchester, Duisburg & one Top Friend One Off in Munich) i was laying low. didnt check the nets or anything else, just enjoyed the sunshine and had some trips to the park. when i checked my mails on Sunday – there were 9 people who had written to me about the same track that they had found on hypem and had sent me the same mp3 (!) – a Beatles cover by Disco Ruido. Check it out – it was worth the buzz..

link to their myspace site – give them a hug for this tune and check the rest of their tracks.


disco ruido-mrs love