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YUM YUM Munich this Saturday @ Mini Opera !

Great & massive weekend ahead of us with YUM YUM going down @ Mini Opera Space this Saturday July 16th. The venue is outstanding, absolutely in the middle of the city (it doesnt get any closer really) with a great comfortable outdoor + beergarden area which we will use to the fullest, and its literally next to Hofgarten – so all summer long we have always been at spots with nice outdoor areas, this one is no different and thats what its about in the summer time.

How to get here via Google maps ***+*** Rsvp to our party on Facebook

Ps. Make sure to show up early this will be massive.

A few of this months favourites:


Foster The People – Love


Hackney Colliery Band – Under The Bridge


Beyonce – Halo (Tune In Crew Remix)

A few more NEWS:

1. Just in time for this weekends YUM YUM we offer you this months YUM YUM top tunes.

2. On JULY 29th we have our YUM YUM Sommerfest wtith everybody coming down from all the YUM YUM spots all over: Obviously us + YUM YUM Berlin, Stuttgart, Vienna & Cologne & Nrw.

3. Two new Mixtapes will be online the week before the Sommerfest including a new Sweet Serenade and a another summer Mix.

4. As you have probably heard chromemusic will be completly redesigned and put online in time for the Sommerfest. +++ there is also another big surprise in for all you smartphone users,  but more on that in the next few weeks

YUM YUM Munich this Friday June 3rd @ Praterinsel

This Friday, June 3rd its back on and another massive dance awaits you + a great outdoors area n beergarden.

After the last date at Praterinsel i simply couldnt wait for another new date! We’ve had seen many events at Praterinsel but this was by far the best. All it took was for us to do everything ourselves. So the first time at Praterinsel (april 1st) was horrible, simply cause the PA was sucking, the wardrobe wasnt working and so on, but last time – the second time (End of April) everything worked out briliantly. All it took was for us to do everything ourselves, instead of letting other people (who claim to be PROfessionals) do the rest. The last time at Praterinsel was the best sounding night (accoustically, PA wise), i ever had at that location – PERIOD. The Outdoor area + beergarden are tremendous when done right (last time) and even a proper airconditionig was hooked up, and check out this post i wrote the last time, but didnt publish… (its published now, set an older date – sp pls feel free to share)

People were dropping us comments & mesages, left and right saying that this was the best one, ever since Registratur. check out all the comments dropped on our various YUM YUM pages on facebook (100% super UBERpositive!!). Thank you all we had a blast and we are hooked now on doing everything ourselves!

RSVP to the Party on Facebook —- and here’s how to get to Praterinsel via gmaps

Be in for a massive night and bring a friend to the dance! Djs will be Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice and we’ll make sure to nice up your dance!!

FREE GIVEAWAYS: The first couple of hundred guests will receive our new YUM YUM Mix CD – Sunshine Inside (Spring 2011). Make sure to be there early and get the physical thing, a collectors item and always a difference to an mp3.

RETURN: PS From this friday on we will have reviews of our nights again, every Monday morning + the return of YUM YUM comic books and of course proper party pictures to begin with.

Here are 3 smooth tunes to get you started + New YUM YUM top tunes online tomorrow.

Mayer Hawthorne – Work to do

The Flavour – Sex on Fire

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Edward-Sharpe-The-Magnetic-Zeros-Home.mp3] Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home