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Modeselektor – Monkeytown (album)

The new Modeselektor LP attracked my attention for two reasons. One, because if you’re living in Berlin there’s no chance not to get in touch with those guys. Everybody’s darling: Modeselektor. Two, because the tracklisting including collaborations e.g. with Thom Yorke and Miss Platnum sounded super exciting to me.  This album took me some time as it’s not only something you listen to while hoovering your cellar, but still only one thing is safe to say: Innovations in music, that’s what Modeselektor stand for.

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Modeselektor-Berlin-feat.-Miss-Platnum.mp3|titles=Modeselektor – Berlin feat. Miss Platnum]
Modeselektor – Berlin feat. Miss Platnum

Here’s the brandnew BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix – mixed by Modeselektor:

Modeselektor – Essential Mix – 08.10.2011 by vaidast

 The new Modeselektor album ‘Monkeytown’ is now available here.

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YUM YUM Berlin Recap

Last Saturday we celebrated YUM YUM together with our friends from Exploited Records at Picknick in Berlin. We had all had a great time and Chrome considers moving to Berlin again ;)

Special thanks go to Laing, Schowi, Palina, Chrome, Irving Jr., Shir Khan, Cocolores, Michelle Owen, Jack Tennis, Tanja and Björn for making this possible.

YUM YUM x Exploited @ Picknick / Berlin this Saturday

YUM YUM Berlin September 2011

After a great party together with LesMads in June we will have another feature with our friends from Exploited Records at Picknick this weekend. Two of our friends from Munich named Cocolores (signed by Exploited) will have their massive Record Release Party that eve.
The whole thing is gonna happen on two different floors + live convert by Laing.

Here is the floor list:

  • YUM YUM: Laing (Live!), Schowi (Bass Ill Euro, YUM YUM), Chrome (YUM YUM, Chromemusic), Paline Power (MTV Home, YUM YUM) & Irving Jr. (YUM YUM, Topfriend)
  • Exploited Records: Cocolores (Exploited), Shir Khan (Exploited), Michelle Owen (Dirt Crew/Lost My Dog) & Jack Tennis (Berlin Battery)

RSVP to the YUM YUM x Exploited Records party.

Here is how to find your way to Picknick via gmaps.

YUM YUM X Les Mads at Picknick, Berlin

After a few months break YUM YUM Berlin is coming back to Picknick with a nice cooperation together with Germany’s big fashion blog Les Mads.

The party itself will have some big live acts as well as a bunch of YUM YUM DJs featuring our dearest Schowi, Palina Power, Jack Tennis & Irving Jr.

Live acts will be as follows:
POSH! The Prince (Haus of Gaga) who has been touring the world together with Lady Gaga for the last one and a half years and is one of the most colourful and talented flamboyant personalities out there.

Here’s a little preview:

Max Skiba, a “very good young Polish producer” from Warsaw and…

Candyblasta from London who just recorded their new album in Berlin (lucky for us) and plan to get the dancefloor burning.

So please RSVP to the event, find us via online map and look forward to Saturday!

P.S.: YUM YUM Berlin will start off as a regular again from September on!

Adidas Originals Munich Cityguide

Feeling like Cpt. Artschool? Lost your way? Too many mainstreamers infiltrating your coffee shops?

Out buddies over at artscoolvets.com posted the Adidas Originals Cityguides for Munich and Berlin. The guide was crafted especially for locals but it also works as a tourist guide. In addition to the hot spots you can enter competitions like “Tag Your City” or the “Star Wars Sticker Invasion”. We’re very happy that artschoolvets.com and chromemusic.de had the opportunity to contribute to this guide. You’ll get the guide at selected stores only + find more information on how and where right here.

If you’re either in Munich nor in Berlin this Friday you maybe wanna say hi to the guys of STW2D who featured Adidas Originals at The Live Magazine over the last days plus you’ll get to party at YUM YUM Friday night. Be in for a treat.