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Huge YUM YUM Christmas Party, this Friday Dec 21st

This Friday, Dec 21st,  the entire family is gonna come down together, and celebrate on at least two floors at Filmcasino Munich. Heart of the City, so if you’re in the area, or just visiting home – make sure to drop by. After a year of playing in our partly co-owned venue, with a much smaller floor, we are back to our regular & massive YUM YUM ballroom dance with me, Max, Notfx, D-Nice, Tipura and more playing the BIG room while Floor #2 will be run by my man Danny from the mighty Bklyn Blog and our buddies from MunichOpenMinded. PSPSPS Remember the last huge one we did a year back? If not check this nice video (at footer of this post). Ps unlike the last time, we are gonna have plenty of BRANDnew YUM YUM tunes and anthems on us, since we are also about to drop our latest Mixtape YUM YUM Vol 13 on christmas. Here is a new Alicia Keys YUM YUM version off the new Mixtape and also check out this Jay-Z version we did or this soulful treat :) and expect YUM YUM cookies – a lot of cookies.

Ps if you are still lonelybooking on facebook – RSVP here :)

Ps Ps Dec 21st will surely be the most annoying day in the history of social media – just imagine every buffoon lonelybooking about the misinterpreted maya calander. Stay off the webs and come by :)

ps last years video: 

YUM YUM Sommerfest from chromemusic on Vimeo.

chromemusic Party this Saturday @ UAMO Art Festival / Togalwerk Munich

This Saturday you need to tie your dancing shoes cause we are throwing a brand new chrome music party @ the UAMO Art Festival, like we did in previous years and it always went down a storm. Its not a YUM YUM party this year, even though the location is amazing, its still not big enough to host a YUM YUM party, so we decided to make it a chrome music party cause we wanted to play at the Art Fest and in those spectacular rooms. Think of an old laboratory, with a mad scientist and what not. I mean we literally found pills, test tubes, chemicals and other weird stuff, just lying around in that old abandoned factory. Its like they left that place in a hurry (meth lab?).

Music will be the sounds we are known for and the sounds you get to hear on our latest YUM YUM mixtape “the Dude”, so nothings changed just the name of the party! Djs will be chrome, not:fx & d-nice on the 1st floor and our buddies danny & taran from our jazzy & soulful partner musicblog bklyn hosting the 2nd floor. Make sure to show up early, this will be a massive blast and we ll make sure to nice up the dance!

Rsvp on facebook if you want to (anybody still using facebook actively?) or just show up

How to get to the party (via google maps)

We will give out a few tickets in our newest Newsletter tomorrow. So sign up and we’ll promise to bother you only once a month to let you know what parties we are throwing and when. PS new YUM YUM Mixtape will be online this Friday as well, so look out weekend here we come. Make sure to show up early, will be a huge night.

Ps Duh! Its called blogger party bc Floor 1 is run by the chrome music djs and Floor 2 is run by the bklyn crew. Get it?

YUM YUM Sommerfest this Friday July 29th @Muffatgelände/ Munich

YUM YUM Sommerfest

This will be a Massive dance on Friday. It has been some time now and now we are officially bringing all of our Friends, buddies, common enthusiasts together. Also our new chromemusic redesign will go online that very night with a 100 new features(!) Trust me, you are gonna like the new chromemusic design.

This Friday is gonna be a massive night, with us having our first official Sommerfest in 2 years (!) and its happening on 3 floors + a nice outdoor area, with YUM YUM Djs + crew from all over Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nrw, Cologne, 2 of our people form Vienna and so on..). Also the CHICAS Sommerfest is happening at Ampere and we have been friends for many a years as well as BKLYN happening in the Outdoor area, who we have been friends with for as long as i can remember and they are part of our crew. This is such a lovely thing to happen and well in my opinion a massive dance i have waited for, for quite some time now. Here is the full floor list:

  • YUM YUM Munich @ Muffathalle (halfsize): Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice.
  • YUM YUM Berlin @ Cafe: Schowi (YY Berlin/Bass Ill Euro), Palina Power (YY Berlin, MTV Home), Irving Jr (YY Berlin, Top Friend)  & Schu (Ya-ha, Blumentopf)
  • CHICAS Sommerfest @ Ampere: Tand Williams (YY Cologne/Nrw), Tipura (YY Stuttgart), NotFx (YY Muc/ Crux)
  • BKLYN @ Outdoor Area: Danny & Ana de Mier (the soulful outdoors)
  • all Visuals by Doublevisions, the entire area are by my buddies, the very talented Gene & Chris.

RSVP to the YUM YUM Sommerfest on Facebook

PSPSPS!! new YUM YUM TeaserMixtape coming this Thursday, and until then have fun with our brandnew Sweet Serenade mix.

Here is how to get to Muffatgelände via gmaps

+ i was about to post some music, but well this entire website should speak for itself with all the music on it. thats what we play at YUM YUM throughout the lands and you know that, and we actually supply at least half the djs & parties i know with the music material. so here is a photo from our last Sommerfest instead.