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Playlist : Exploring the Wastelands [fallout themed list of classic jazz, pop]


Classic tunes of times gone by like Ella, Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby and the likes. So you know you are in for a ride. Might be a good playlist for a dinner to sh0w off the class you pretend to have, but as the title says inspired by the Fallout series. An awesome game placed in a nuclear wasteland, so it’s still a chad of a contrast. Killer games btw. Highlight – “Crawl out through the Fallout” by Sheldon Allman.

by Lucas Hitterdal

B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway)

eOWImmj - Imgur

Guess what popped up in our mailbox today ?! Exactly! Amerigo Gazaway delivered again and it tastes exactly what we’ve subconsciously expected it will.Very nice, can’t pick a fav right now! This time it’s a blues infused conceptional album released via Soul Mates Records on Bandcamp and on top of that it’s a #FreeDownload, so get it as long as it is hot. Keep up the great work you’re doing (incl. every musician and person surrounding and inspiring you). Beautiful piece of art!

Free Download http://bit.ly/1LiUv4B

Follow Amerigo Gazaway on Youtube ::: Soundcloud ::: Twitter

Stream the entire album (18 Tracks):

The Revelations feat. Tre’ Williams

This finding makes my wednesday as soulful as can be. Enjoy this new release and share it with your friends.


The Revelations feat. Tre Williams – Graceful Bow


The Revelations feat. Tre Williams – Let’s Straighten It Out


The Revelations feat. Tre Williams – Until You Get Enough Of Me


Also visit their bandcamp account for more input. Follow on facebook or twitter and download the whole sampler beneath for free.

Me likes Lanie Lane


Heres what she sent us:

“”Hello there y’all at Yum Yum, My name is Lanie Lane, I’m from Sydney, Australia and would love to share my new track “Like Me Meaner” with you! I also have a few different tracks on my myspace page if you want to hear more and my bio is up on my website. Enjoy! LL x http://lanielane.net/ soundcloud myspace facebook twitter

she forgot to add her Bandcamp site – the best music website at present, and this is where you can purchase some of her future music. and after one listen you know its worth it.

my comment:

“you are great Lanie- just letting everyone know. very very much enjoying your music, and when we get around to doing our yum yum compilation – you will definitely be among the first ones we contact to collaborate and work with. thanks for your music and the fun! ps pls make sure to send us all your music. we love it!”

pspsps – a lot of german radio stations are gonna start playing your music after we ve put it online, like it happens continuously- just letting you know and iwishing you the best of luck on everything you do! you deserve it.

Lanie Lane – Like Me Meaner by Lanie Lane

Lanie Lane – What Do I Do by Lanie Lane