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Brandyn Burnette – Escape


It’s this time of the year where you slow down, have good soulfood, surrond yourself with friends and your loved ones. Where you light up candles and have some good, warm tea. Where dreams start to grow and you load your energy for the upcoming summer. It will come, for sure. Sometimes you just need to meditate and zoom out to see the bigger picture of the world you are living in. Keep up the conversations, either with yourself or others. Press play and enjoy the flight…

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Brandyn Burnette – State I’m In

Brandyn Burnette is a 25yo singer, songwriter and producer originally from St. Louis. His musical style can be defined as ‘Progressive Soul’ and his latest song “State I’m In” is pretty soulful & smooth at the same time. This song once again reached us via SubmitHub and we are looking forward for more to come from this young soul in the near future. This is what Brandyn says about his track:

I wrote the track at varying points, half when I was 15 & half now at 25. I produced it from my living room before bringing it into the studio to track live elements. Additional production elements go to Griffin Fornell (Småland). My sophomore EP STATE IM IN drops on JUNE 24 this month.

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