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Modern Crusoe – Gemini EP

gemini chromemusic

This little EP is the current project by producer Patrick Zappia from LA together with the Californian based solo artist Modern Crusoe. 3 Indie Folk songs inspired by Local Natives, Wye Oak, and the Central California coast. And though it’s me floating through the greyish foggy atmosphere of the German fall over here right now more than watching mirages in the desert with this music it’s possible to dream of the lonely cowboy showing up by the end of my street, a blade of grass between his lips, inviting me for a ride…

Show some love on Spotify since this is the only way for artists to make money out of their dreams nowadays…sad but true. My personal favorite – Feathers & Twine ;)

Modern Crusoe :: Soundcloud :: Facebook
Patrick Zappia :: Soundcloud

Pep Love “Hip Hop My Friend” and a personal note*

Pep Love “Hip Hop My Friend” from Northbound Films on Vimeo.

Great to see that Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics camp is doing his thing. Outstanding tune with a these days rare and powerful soul feel to it and a proper boom bap slap. Pep is someone i consider a friend, an earnest and humble guy with a very good vibe to him, no negativity whatsoever. Check out Pep love @ the Hieroglyphics website

I did a track with that man & Planet Asia that kinda blew up all over, which was well almost a decade ago :) hahaha, man time flies when you are having fun, and actually i did a couple of tracks more that i never played for him – one in particular was pretty strong with a flipped chick corea sample, a full instrumentation by a lot of renowned soul and jazz musicians. Just heard it the other day in my club on the new Soundsystem and it still has a serious punch and vibe to it. I’ll upload it tomorrow, think you all are gonna like that one and Pep in particular (i’ll send you the link)! Good to see you are alive and kicking my man! I enjoy the tune a lot and you stick to being a fine wine :)

General Elektriks

general elektriks

RV Salters´╗┐ established the General Elektriks project just before he moved vom France to San Francisco. Since classifying the sound as a certain genre is really though here, at least I can say that you may hear influence both by France and by California in his sound. Join his group on facebook folks!

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/06-Little-Lady.mp3|titles=General Elektriks – Little Lady]General Elektriks – Little Lady